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Xlibris author J.R. Gonzalez


J.R. Gonzalez is the author of Opened Windows, Esmeralda's Web, The Lingstroms, and Servant of Evil. He shares how the inspiration for his books comes from watching classic horror films and talks about why he chose to self-publish with Xlibris.


Xlibris author Francisco Ojeda

Francisco Ojeda

Xlibris author Francisco Ojeda talks about The Spirits of Al Faw, why he wrote the book, and how he chose to self-publish with Xlibris.


Xlibris authors Paula and Tommie Artis

Paula and Tommie Artis

Xlibris Authors Paula and Tommie Artis have published two books through Xlibris, O God Strengthen Our Hands and Marriage Beyond the Bed. In this video the couple share their experience publishing with Xlibris.


Xlibris author Michael Schultz

Michael Schultz

Xlibris Author Michael J. Schultz has released his new book, the action and conspiracy thriller The Vela Project. In this video he wants to share his experience self-publishing with Xlibris.


Xlibris author Pete Liebengood

Pete Liebengood

Retired television sportscaster and active Xlibris Author Pete Liebengood, discusses his modern-day murder mystery Accidental Droning, wherein one man’s drone hobby lands him in the heart of a murder investigation.


Xlibris author Sylva Kelegian

Sylva Kelegian

Actress, animal rights advocate, and author Sylva Kelegian raises awareness of abused and abandoned dogs in her book God Spelled Backwards (her second book with Xlibris), a chronicle of her own twelve years in dog rescue.


Xlibris author Deborah Day

Deborah Day

Deborah Day’s Be Happy Now! helps readers to become more proactive in taking charge of their lives, with tools to develop themselves both physically and psychologically.


Xlibris author Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles

Renowned talent manager and father of Beyoncé, Mathew Knowles, brings his knowledge and experience about professional development to readers in The DNA of Achievers.


Xlibris author Joseph Cronin

Joseph Cronin

Joseph Cronin challenges managers and aspiring ones to manage themselves first before they can effectively manage others. His book Theory You is a revolutionary management guide that has a more personal approach than Theory X or Theory Y, daring professionals to go beyond the daily grind and occupy the coveted corner office.


Xlibris author Hemenway Stevens

Hemenway Stevens

The hopes and dreams of a fledgling theatre company as told by a toy elephant who has had the good fortune to be bought at a New York City flea market by a gentleman of a certain age.


Xlibris author Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Sonia Pressman Fuentes, a co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a bearer of the Veteran Feminists of America Medal of Honor, briefly shares her experience in publishing her book, Eat First - You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You. Fuentes praises Xlibris for printing and delivering her book in time to meet her public-speaking deadlines.


Xlibris author Jonathan Kuhn

Jonathan Kuhn

Nature bestows exceptional athletic abilities to very few. Babe Ruth, Jessie Owens and Tiger Woods come to mind. Mark Fein is such an individual and the story traces his rise to fame and fortune.


Xlibris author Timothy Pychyl

Timothy Pychyl

The Procrastinator’s Digest: A Concise Guide to Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy Pychyl looks into our tendency to dillydally and suggests strategies to deal with this problem. Pychyl is also among Xlibris’ accomplished authors whose books have been acquired by a traditional publisher.


Xlibris author Bob Battersby

Bob Battersby

Bob has written this book as a tribute to the people of an era in our nation's history. The events in the book are seen through the eyes of the pre-teen boys living on Long Island, New York, in the late 1930s and early forties.


Xlibris author Vanessa Townsend

Vanessa Townsend

Drawing her literary inspiration from her daughter, Xlibris author Vanessa Townsend has written her children’s book pentalogy “What’s in Molly’s….” series. Vanessa also commends Xlibris for providing her with a variety of publishing packages, as well as the opportunity to reach international market.


Xlibris author Roger Williams

Roger Williams

Turn Back Blow is a fictional tale depicting animal cruelty and its ensuing poetic justice. Author Roger Williams was inspired to write and publish his book after seeing a Jamaican news clip of two men mistreating a helpless mongrel dog. This prompted him to do his part to protect animal rights.


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