Ancient History of Korea

Mystery Unveiled

by Lee Mosol, MD, MPH



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/10/2014

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 450
ISBN : 9781499054736
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 450
ISBN : 9781499054729

About the Book

This is a sister copy of the Ancient History of Manchuria under the same premises as the ancient scriptures of Korean history had been destroyed by the invaders. With this premise, Mosol starts to explore many issues after the Han invasion to Manchuria. He tackles lots of disputed issues that had been under the thick fog, analyzingthem in depth. Many issues relating with ancient Korean history are discussed. He proposes many new theories. The most striking new findings are that all of Three Kingdoms originated from Manchuria. Wei (倭人) is the descendant of the original Ye (濊) people who settled around the Bohai Bay (蒼海郡) under the leadership of Namryeo (南閭). They were close neighbors with Baekjae and were the dominant seafarers. The most disputed topic engraved in the Stele was in the Liaodong Peninsula. It is a “fresh look in the academic sense” for other scholars. Lee Mosol, MD, MPH

About the Author

Don S. Lee (李燉聖), pen name “Mosol,” was born in 1940, educated and received an MD degree in Korea, and came to United States in 1970.He was trained in the Indiana University Medical Center, held a faculty position in the George Washington University, and retired in 2010 from the Georgetown University Medical Center. He built up a unique skill to resolve complex issues and critical writing through forty years of his professional life. He had been active in writing critical essays and was formally recognized as a writer by the Korean literally circles in 2010. He decided to search the mystery of ancient history in his ancestral homeland. His first book in Korean, Searching for the Root (뿌리를찾아서), was published 2010. He had learned to understand the ancient Chinese classics in Korea and published his first English book, Ancient History of the Manchuria, last year. He wrote the sister copy. Those two books are literally “a voice from the easter end of the Great Wall.” These are his research papers.