by Kelly Coughlin



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Publication Date : 3/12/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 24
ISBN : 9781401058074

About the Book

"The most intriguing question that faces each of us is namely, “Who AM I?”, because this simple inquiry leads directly to the metaphysical perplexities of soul, immortality, God, and heaven.

In the East, an answer is sometimes achieved through the contemplation of a word or parable (called a koan), or through a quick exchange of ideas (called a mondo). But the Eastern answer is a personal catharsis ending in the realization of the No-Self or Oneness of existence, a sort of euthanasia of the ego. The enlightened one is left unattached either to his Self or to an Other. He has compassion but does he have love?

In the West, we too believe that to find our true “Self” we must lose our false ‘self’ But we use parables to awaken our true “Self” from the trappings of our selfish and lusting “self”. We do not to seek to destroy our ego, our Self, our soul, or our God-image, “I AM”.

This beautiful name is itself a “koan”. Brought to us by Moses, it pervades our religions and our minds. Our history is the struggle to solve the relationship between Yahweh and our-Selves. Yet how many of us really make the effort to formulate an answer which describes who I AM?

Here is my answer..."

- Kelly Coughlin

About the Author

Kelly Coughlin and his wife Helen—the inspiration of P.I.P.I.—have been married for twenty-six years. They are both medical technologists and live in the Pacific Northwest. Kelly has specialized in microbiology and Helen supervises a laboratory. When they are not multitasking they ski and ballroom dance. They have been blessed with two sons.