Where The Lion Sleeps Tonight

America The Lion King

by The Montana Farmer



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Publication Date : 1/03/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 62
ISBN : 9781425751142

About the Book

The Lion is the King if the Jungle. He is easy to use to illustrate the power of America. The lion is a very beautiful animal with unseen qualities. The lion never bothers other animals unless they threatened his family, his food, or himself He has never had to demonstrate his mighty power. Where the lion sleeps tonight is the first of several volumes to the people of America and the world. George Washington and our forefathers tamed the lion and gave him honor and respect. Abraham Lincoln gave the lion love and value. Ronald Reagan gave the old lion hope and pride. George W. Bush has been forced to give the lion a future Where the lion sleeps tonight has many short stories yarns witty anecdotes, and quotations from Abraham Lincoln and the author's own library. Fables and anecdotes are often filled with nature, animal, and plant. Nature from the first writings of man, have been used to illustrate personal character. From time to time illustration can be very incredible as well as amusing because of its accurate portrayal. America has had for a competent president's, one excellent leader in each century. Each of these leaders has had a legitimate war forced upon them. Each of these wars has been war of terrorism, yet called by different names. George Washington in the 18th century had the Revolutionary war. Abraham Lincoln in the 19th century had the Civil War. Ronald Reagan in the 20th century had the Cold War. George Bush in the 21st century terrorism, some have called the third world war. The author has written this book to encourage the lion, his friends, and family. Along with revealing Lincoln’s economics, there has never been essays filed articles of interest, or books written since Thomas Paine's common sense in the 18th century, or the writings of Abraham Lincoln in the 19th century that reveals more regard for the rights of man or the preservation of civilization.

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