The 21st Century "Battle For Boss" of the 18th Century Pirate Triad of The Historical Chinese Junk Ning Po




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Publication Date : 11/10/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 315
ISBN : 9781425776213

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A NEW RELEASE!From the Author whose First Book---a Non-Fiction---was Shown and Quoted in the Editorial Section of PLAYBOY, comes the Historical-based, Action/Thriller Fiction THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY

The FIRST Novel ever written about the real Chinese Pirate ship Ning Po and her Triad Pirate crew whose descendents are 21st Century, Asian Triad Gangsters. If you love Pirates; High-Tech Suspense; Realistic Action and a Complex,Thrilling Plot along with subplots, twists and turns---you´ll love THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY!

THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY is in the permanent library collections of The Catalina Island Museum; The Los Angeles Maritime Museum; Newport Harbor Nautical Museum and in the J. Porter Shaw Library collection at The San Francisco Maritime National Park.

"Jerry Ardolino...articulate...intense...His new novel, The Shang Pirate Legacy is a crime thriller that ranges from Oriental antiquity to the 21st century." ----LAS VEGAS WEEKLY

"THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY...Jerry Ardolino knows violence first hand and writes it well. You´ll find this an exciting read." ----Jerry Ahern----GUN WORLD MAGAZINE


Steven Shang---Chinese-American software company CEO—has inherited the leadership sword of the 333 year-old Yellow Dragon Ning Po Triad based in Hong Kong; hard-edged 21st Century gangsters whose secret brotherhood is descended from the pirates of the Historical 18th Century Chinese Junk Ning Po.

Steven doesn’t want to be the boss and is forced to defend people he loves and his gentle way of living. With help from the Russian Mafiya; U.S. Army and Navy Intelligence; high-ranking members from the triad itself; and a deep courage he has to reach for from within; he goes full force against the triad’s “Red Pole” Enforcer: Tommy Teng!

This is a fact-based work of fiction. It is based on many actual facts and truths that exist in the multi-ethnic world of organized crime both now as well as hundreds of years ago. It specifically addresses the Chinese part of that world: the Triads. It covers not only 20th and 21st century triad activities but, also covers their crimes during the 18th and 19th centuries; when triads were pirates. And it is the first book ever written about the Chinese Junk pirate ship: Ning Po.

The story also touches upon another criminal group based near mainland China but, whose roots are now entrenched in almost every country: The Russian Mafiya. Facts in this story are taken from personal firsthand knowledge that I’ve acquired over a thirty year span. What they relate to and what methods were used for my research are gone into in my “Author’s Note” herein.

During my law enforcement days as a Chicago Police Officer in the 1970s, I frequented Chicago’s Chinatown: the mysterious shops, sinister nightclubs and illegal gambling dens run by the triad gangs there. Even though I was an “outsider”; people there could sense that I was a “real player.” And those who knew or could sense that I was a cop; weren’t bothered by it. They sensed that I was a wild cop that liked the “hard, sharp edge”: different from all of the others they had encountered. And because of that, I, an outsider, was welcomed and made privy to facts by insiders in the Chinese underworld that nobody else but the insiders knew; “the real ways.” The Chinese Junk Ning Po referred to in the story was a real ship—a real Pirate Ship. The island of Cheung Chau, the location of the headquarters of the fictional Yellow Dragon Ning Po Triad in this story, is, in reality; an island with a pirate and smuggling history dating back 2500 years. And that “industry” became very active in the 16th century.

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