The story of 7 college girls And one sissy maid




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Language : English
Publication Date : 28/08/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 303
ISBN : 9781479708567
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 303
ISBN : 9781479708574

About the Book

As I noted at the end of the second book about my life (SISSY MAID IN THE MIRROR) as a sissy maid to the six B.I.T.C.H.S; they did not turn out to be bitches at all and in fact were every nice to missy.

My training as their sissy maid continued thru Miss T. Missy has come too really like and respect Miss T. Missy had no romantic feeling towards Miss T; however, missy was more than happy to orally please Miss T upon command.

Missy had become extremely submissive to Miss T and actually enjoyed that feeling more and more at time moved along in spite of some of the severe punishments that she received.

Missy has struggled with her required chastity as missy is horny all the time. However that horniness seemed to be channeled into enthusiastic service both in the form of housework and oral sexual services to Miss T and Miss Beth, so it seemed that the chastity had a good purpose over all. Well, at least for missy’s two Mistress’s.

Miss Beth got her first ever spanking and missy found that to be a real big thrill as usually missy is the only one getting any spankings for everyone else to see.

Missy learned that she did not like to be whipped, not even a little bit. However, missy’s whipping did open her to a new experience, blow jobs. Missy found out that part of her sissy maid duties was to give a blow jobs to anyone Miss T decided she should blow.

At first missy really became repulsed by the idea, but after Miss T had her whipped, all of a sudden having a cock in her mouth did not seem like such a bad idea.

I got the shock of my life when just before Christmas, when Jill and I got home we found that our Mom had changed our Dad into a sissy maid also.

Missy found it surprising and somewhat uncomfortable working side by side with her sissy maid, Dad. But, missy quickly got use to it and enjoyed the company.

However, Missy’s biggest thrill to date was her growing relationship with Miss Beth. Missy has learned over the past four months or so that Miss Beth was a lot like Miss T; as Miss Beth gets real excited having a submissive and obedient sissy maid cater to her desires.

For missy, though, missy really liked Miss Beth and thought that the relationship between them could grow into something very nice and very special. While, with Miss T, the relationship was all about missy’s service to Miss T and the pleasure that both Miss T and missy got from the dominate/submissive relationship.

Overall, my thoughts in the beginning have held true. Being the sissy maid for the 7 girls was better for missy three ways; first, it was much better living in that nice private house then in a busy dorm.

Second; it satisfied missy’s great desire to cross dress, even if it was as a French maid. Third; it was much better than having to get an outside job to help pay for my collage expenses.

The only downside for missy was being punished. So, missy just needed to learn to be more obedient so she is not punished so often and then things would be even better for missy.

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