The Relativistic Rocketeer

Volume 5

by James Essig



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Language : English
Publication Date : 13/02/2017

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 17189
ISBN : 9781524580278

About the Book

In this Volume 5 of the Relativistic Rocketeers, I present additional formulas and content on the subject of little previously talked about or mentioned prospects for relativistic rockets. Accordingly, the content presented herein is more axiomatic than practical, but it involves formulas for relativistic rocket flight involving space-times of arbitrary dimensionality. A wide range of quantized space-times and systemic energy levels is included in the formulations as is continuous dimensions and super-continuous dimensions. So, this book is more intended for the mathematical philosopher of physics than the practical, hands-on hardware design even at the merely theoretical level. However, it is my opinion that all theoreticians and open-minded engineers and technicians can enjoy the extreme examples and concepts presented herein. Note that infinite quantities are contemplated in both local and background reference frames. This is not intended to be viewed as a form of a diatribe fantasy, nor are these scenarios proclaimed as a form of de facto truth. However, the formulated scenarios are intended to pull the reader out of his or her comfort level, as well as to provide, if nothing else, an open-ended agenda for the likelihood that in our vast and hopefully unbounded future, we will forever have opportunities to develop ever more extreme relativistic rocket crafts capable of velocities ever closer to light speed, and perhaps even far-ranging travel in any existent hyperspace or hyper-space-time.

About the Author

Before embarking on a new career as a free-lance starship propulsion researcher and science writer, I worked as an inventor. With my brother, John, we co-invented and obtained numerous U.S. patents, several dealing with various forms of resource harnessing apparatus. With such serious but small scale research and development efforts, I had developed a renewed appreciation for the power of the Sun, and by corollary, the tremendous power of the cosmos including the cosmic energy source of nuclear fusion, the power that literally runs the stars. I hold Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from George Mason University and have completed several graduate level courses in physics and mathematics.