Because it’s all about you, the author, Xlibris is behind you every step of the self-publishing process—from realizing your writing goal to celebrating your achievements. We have witnessed many of our authors celebrate milestones of all sorts: finishing their manuscripts, getting the first printed copy of their book, earning literary acclaim, and getting picked up by traditional publishers. Explore all these author-centered resources to fire up your creative muse, start your self-publishing route, or enrich your writing journey.

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Online Book Promotion

Successful authors require promotion for its book. Promoting your book online is one of the best ways to find an audience that is interested in your book while encouraging them to purchase and become fans.

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How to Build Your Author Brand: A 5-Step Guide

Who are you as an author? How do you want to appear to readers of your book? These are very important things to think about when developing your brand as an author. It's not just about your book it's about you too.

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5 Ways To Maximize Your Appearance

Before attending a book festival or any event to promote your book, you've got to look the part as an author. There are so many things you can bring to your space and look that can attract readers, readers, and more readers.

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5 Ways to Pitch Your Self-Published Book

Nerves may kick in before pitching your book for any occasion like bookstores, interviews, or even a large group of publishers or friends, but knowing what to say and how to say it is key. But, ultimately, you are your book's biggest fan so the words will come.

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How to Avoid the Five Biggest Press Release Mistakes

Your book deserves media attention and when it gets that time you need to know what to avoid when it comes to press releases. These tips are here to help you make the most of your book's news.

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How To Write A Great Promotional Copy

Don't be discouraged if writing promotional copy doesn't come naturally. Writing promotional is quite different from writing a book. But, there are ways to write it effectively with some of these pointers.

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7 Reasons Why Self-Published Authors Should Go Print Too

With all the digital advertising platforms available, you might think that it’s pointless to try print ads. But it’s very much alive and there are plenty of reasons why you should add print in your campaigns. We talk about some of these factors in this article.

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How To Promote Yourself with Bookstores

The reward of holding a copy of your published work is indescribable. But it's just one of the many exciting milestones in your journey to self publishing success. One key objective in your publishing journey is promoting and selling your book successfully.

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Worldwide Online Book Distribution

Distributing your books through multiple channels with Xlibris is one of the benefits after your book is live. We want to get your book noticed as soon as it's available to purchase.

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How To Market Your Book

Before you can sell your book, you need to market it. The book promotion professionals at Xlibris have established a few key marketing tactics and tips to help you develop a great strategy for promoting your book.

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How To Get Reviews

Whenever you're on the hunt for a new product it never fails when scrolling to the reviews section. Reviews are great and we want you to get as many reviews as possible. Here's how to get your book added to more carts by having book reviews.

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How To Market Your Book in Newsgroups

Grab the attention of newsgroups and have a greater chance of your book being involved in the right ones.

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10 Reasons Self-Published Authors Should Promote Their Books

You might have thought that authors should only focus on what they do best—writing. But when you have ambitious goals for your book, you should also consider understanding and practicing marketing, too. Why? We give you ten reasons in this article.

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Identifying and Targeting Your Ideal Readership

As a self-published author, finding your niche and targeting your ideal readership is crucial for successful book marketing.

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