Video Book Talk


Your book shouldn't be confined to a box, whether that's your bookshelf, a storage container, or the four walls of traditional media.

It should be where readers are. Ride the streaming trend with Roku's 70M users, Amazon Fire TV's 50M users, and YouTube's 1B users, and reach new audiences with Video Book Talk!


  • Video Interview on the Talking Books show with JT CrowleyA pre-recorded 15-20 minute interview with British author and host JT Crowley. The video will be on top streaming services such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and YouTube; and available on and
  • Audio podcast:  An audio-only interview version will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and other aggregators.  
  • Social media post sharing your video interview on our active social media pages.
  • A link to the video interview, which you can use on your promotional activities

Increase your book's visibility and connect with readers in a new, engaging, and innovative way with Video Book Talk.

About JT Crowley

JT Crowley is a British author whose global adventures and humble beginnings shaped his passion for storytelling. Join him on the Talking Books show as he chats with diverse authors about the magic behind their captivating stories.

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