How long does it take for a sale to be listed in my online “Sales Activity Report”?

For orders made through the Xlibris NZ site, we update your report when the book or books are shipped to the customer. Sales made through our distribution channels will be added once they are submitted to us, which can be either monthly or quarterly (depending on the retailer). Items that have been ordered, but which have not yet shipped, will not appear on your report. As we receive shipping information, your report will be updated accordingly.

The time it takes a sale to be listed in your sales report is determined by the type of sale:

Sale Type Time Until Listed
Xlibris NZ Bookstore 72 hours after shipment of book order
Consumer sales (i.e., call-in purchases through Xlibris NZ) 72 hours after shipment of book order
Retail sales (e.g., Amazon.com) Four weeks or more after shipment of book order

Please note: External retailers — Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. — operate under their own schedules, and Xlibris NZ cannot control the frequency with which they report sales information.