The Power Of Manifestation

Creating a Life You Love

by Evon Davis



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Publication Date : 1/3/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 175
ISBN : 9781599269368

About the Book

What is the power of manifestation and how do we unlock this force within us? Evon Davis, the author of Pandora’s Box, defines the power of manifestation as the expansion of one’s consciousness into the greater realm of possibilities. The power of manifestation resides within each and every one of us and is awakened through a variety of techniques, such as creative visualization, chakra balancing and alignment, an understanding of the true nature of the universe, and our capacities as powerfully creative beings. Are you ready to become the master of your own destiny? If so, read on.

This book tells us how we can begin to break out of old, self-defeating, self-sabotaging patterns and make a profound paradigm shift in our thinking. It is amazing what we can create in our lives if we are open to the possibilities, but first we need to understand the way our minds work in conjunction with the universe and the world around us. This is an understanding of our place in the world that is fairly modern. Our minds are opening up to a new paradigm. It is all about realizing our power and taking an active role in creating our lives and communities, rather than feeling resigned to being helpless victims of circumstance.

The current paradigm shift is comparable to that which occurred when people began to understand that the planet was not flat. It is as radical and fundamental a shift as that which occurred when Galileo proclaimed that the Earth was not the center of the universe. We might wonder what other surprises lay ahead. And I think we will be pleased by what we discover.

One of the factors underlying this current paradigm shift is the knowledge gained by scientists through their study of quantum physics. A "quanta" is a unit of energy. Quantum physics is the study of subatomic energy and matter. The most remarkable discovery has been that at the subatomic level, energy acts as waves of probabilities until observed by a conscious observer, then those waves of probability collapse into particles. In other words, we are literally creating reality by where we choose to focus our attention.

What can we conclude from this? That we are powerful creators. We are co-creating this reality along with the universe, other humans, and other conscious life forms. Do not doubt the power within yourself to create the life you want and the world you live in. That is the most important first step in understanding how powerful you really are.

The ground of being is consciousness. So the universe itself is formed out of consciousness. We humans are consciousness swimming in consciousness. We can see very clearly that we are powerful creators, and the more we begin to recognize this, the more powerful and creative we will become. So the key is the recognition of our powerful creative abilities.”

Understanding your way of viewing the world and your place in it is one of the first steps to creating a new way of viewing the world and your place in it. You can take a more pro-active and creative roll, but first you will need to truly get clear on what it is you want and understand the conflicting desires and beliefs that create obstacles.

It's important to understand the powerful role that your mind plays in the creation of your life, which includes setting and attaining goals. Changing your perceptions about your life and the world can be important if they are holding you back from creating the kind of life that you want -- one that includes meaningful, creative, and fulfilling work, and the freedom to enjoy your life. It is important to explore the nature of reality and the nature of your thinking and to scrutinize it with utmost honesty. If you want to change your life, it is necessary to change your thinking.

The important thing for us to realize is that we are the creator

About the Author

Evon Davis graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in political science and economics and minor studies in history and international affairs. While working in law for eight years, she developed her creative and artistic abilities with the goal of becoming a self-employed entrepreneur. In 2002, she quit working as a full-time paralegal and started an art & interior design business, Bohemian Chic, which debuted in May 2004. The Bohemian Art Studio and website were developed out of this enterprise. You can visit the website at and find articles, photography, paintings, and information on workshops and bike tours.