Editorial Services

Creating a professional manuscript can take months or, more often than not, years. Preparing your book for literary publication can be a tiresome task. Xlibris has professional in-house specialists who can help transform your work into a publication and market-ready material. Choose from a comprehensive array of editorial services that suit your needs.

Whether you are a first-time author or an experienced writer, Xlibris' editorial services can help you improve and enhance the readability and quality of your book.

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Whether you're an aspiring author just starting out, or a published writer working on your latest project, objective professional editing is an important factor in the quality of your book.


An index enables your readers to find information quickly and easily in your published manuscript. It will greatly improve the reading experience and will improve cohesiveness, consistency, accuracy, and usefulness. If you would like to include an index in your manuscript, Xlibris provides two methods for doing so.

Advanced Editorial Services

Sometimes manuscripts need specialized attention that goes beyond grammar, spelling, and punctuation improvements. Our experienced editors will take a close look at your book’s content and other stylistic considerations including content, plot, and pace.