Romantically Erotic Deadly Spiritual Society

by Jennifer M. Garnatz



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/19/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 99
ISBN : 9781441521231
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 99
ISBN : 9781450003001

About the Book

"Romantically Erotic, Deadly Spiritual Society” is a poetry collection covering diverse aspects of life. It was first self-published in a limited edition in 2001 under the titel"Romantically Erotic, Deadly Religious”.The title already reveals to the reader that this book will take him or her on a very emotional journey of romantic highs and lows as well as spiritual and societal awareness. As Harvey Ganot rightly puts it: "These are poems to stir your thoughts, to spark your loins”.

The book contains 35 poems. It is divided into four parts, three of which cover two different themes respectively:
• 8 - romance/friendship
• 10 - spirituality/death
• 5 - eroticism
• 12 - nature/society

The author has chosen pictures relevant to each theme as the section-divider. These photo-breaks arouse pleasant emotions in mind of the beholder.

Many poems are written in the first person. Many poems contain questions.
"Tactics”, the first poem in the book, speaks directly to men telling them not to brand a woman as being ‘easy’ because they, the men, are also targeted by women: It works both ways.
""Calling God” ” is a marvelous prayer to be read and kept in mind, especially by those who have to take instructions from others — whether it be in one’s personal life or at work.
"Soliloquy I” is a very moving poem about his treatment of all his children and, what I feel are, our feelings for him. In it she speaks directly to her father in his grave letting him know that although — in his overprotectiveness and super-strictness — he mistreated her and her two brothers and sister so that they, therefore, always longed for their freedom, they remain tormented by the way this freedom was finally achieved — not by them coming of age (21 yrs acording to "his law“), but by some criminal shooting him.
The latter poem deals

Her poems are quite direct, full of intensity and show a lot of courage — as in the erotic poem "US’”. The erotic poems are neither pornographic nor vulgar. Some are on the border; but, they do not cross the line.

Her ‘soft spot’ for the aged, the underprivileged and the handicapped is evident in "Solace” and "Intruding Upon Your Isolation”, dedicated to the homeless); in "Arvel”,, a moving poem communicating with a partially blind friend; in "Old Love”,, a touching poem about her grandparents’ love for each other. "Fly High” , provides an insight into her protective spirit regarding wildlife and the young (humans as well as wilfdlife). Here, a mother bird advises her now grown offspring before leaving the nest for good, to be careful in future of the beast called ‘man’ because man’s best friend is a ‘GUN’.

Due to the erotic poems in the book, it is intended for adults as well as those teenagers whose parents allow them to have sexual relationships. The poem "US“ uses expletives, which the author considers relevant according to the context. The diverse themes dealt with in the book free it of any other limitations. Therefore, since all other poems deal with everyday life, one may read these to the younger generation as a source of inspiration.

This book provides thought-provoking, yet relaxing, reading to the young and old, male and female, from all walks of life. It is also ideal for the busy executives on a long journey or alone in a hotel room seeking a break from reading statistics and other business documents. The romantic poems are a must for men and women involved in a committed relationship (particularly those men needing to stay away from temptation — see poem "US"), , as well as for those seeking love and for those who have experienced unrequited love. It is for those seeking more meaning to

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