Sophia: A Woman's Search for Troy

A Woman's Search for Troy

by Nancy Joaquim



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Language :
Publication Date : 10/27/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 382
ISBN : 9781599267449

About the Book

SOPHIA is an historical novel inspired by the true life experiences of Sophia Schliemann, the world’s first female archaeologist and the woman who, with her famous husband, Heinrich Schliemann, the father of modern-day archaeology, discovered and excavated the citadels of ancient Troy and Mycenae, breathing life into the golden age of Homer’s ILIAD and the great legend of the Trojan War.

In SOPHIA, Sophia is portrayed as herself, at fi rst a reluctant participant in her husband’s obsessive search for Troy, ultimately his greatest ally and most capable colleague, his friend and lover, her view of the early development of Archaeology branded into her memory as by the age of 18, on the Hill of Hissarlik, she takes part in one of the Nineteenth Century’s most fascinating discoveries. It is Sophia who fi rst realizes that if there was a Troy, so must there be the Greek citadel across the Aegean Sea from which the Greek General, Agamemmnon and his thousand ships have come, and it is Sophia who discovers the grave circle at Mycenae, fulfilling her promise, not only as Heinrich’s wife, but as the Greek woman who breathes life into the legends of her own unique Greek heritage and before the age of thirty, discovers the Great Bronze Age.

About the Author

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Nancy Joaquim is a graduate of Boston University and recipient of Boston University’s Distinguished Alumni Award. She is a writer, concert singer, and arts educator and the author of Sophia Schliemann, A Woman Discovers Mycenae, published in Munich in 1994 and introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair. An advocate of community-based educational programs in the arts and letters, she was commissioned in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan to serve on the National Advisory Council on Adult Education. She makes her home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.