Apex Predator

by Kelvin Kwa



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/13/2014

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 652
ISBN : 9781499024425

About the Book

A future winter November 2018. Th e Eye of Heaven—a prototype Chinese satellite with next generation technology falls and is lost in the polar icecap. Th e race begins when two superpowers face off , one to learn secrets, the other to keep them. And they will send their greatest weapons wielded by their fi ercest warriors to reach the prize. Special Agent Greg Cole, a man of lethal skill, pathological appetites, and a Machiavellian intellect, who engineered the theft of the satellite. For him, retrieving its secrets would be a career-making coup and nothing; no one was going to stand in his way—friend, foe, or innocent bystander. SEAL Command Master Chief Carter Bohem—an aging warrior given one fi nal chance to prove he can still run with the wolves, never questioned his orders or his purpose . . . until this mission. Until his orders called for murder. Colonel Xiang Lai Peng of the People’s Republic of China—Tasked by his government to retrieve the satellite at all costs, this elite unit commander will lead his men into an unimaginable nightmare where the price of success will be all too high. Captain Marcus Cartaneo USN—Commander of the USS Seawolf, a submarine bristling with a frightening array of weaponry and the combined technological might of a superpower. Yet, its weakness lies in the tragedy haunted crew on the verge of mutiny against a commanding offi cer who has lost their trust. But natural enemies are the least of their worries for as the Arctic winter storms close in; something else has awakened deep within the ice. An elder force that once roamed ancient seas with impunity, now consigned to the realm of myth and legend has returned. Th e stories speak of its savagery; pure, insatiable and untainted by conscience or reason yet possessing immense power and fearsome intelligence. In this cold, unforgiving wasteland, man and machine will come face to face with a malevolent, unrelenting entity who will hunt them across ice, across oceans to the very doorstep of their homes. Only the survivor, only the triumphant will be the Apex Predator.

About the Author

Kelvin Kwa was born in Penang, Malaysia, in 1969. When he was twelve years of age, he and his family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he resides to this day. It is a testimony to the English teachers who encouraged him through high school that their classes were the only ones he ever enjoyed, especially when asked to write essays of a purely creative nature. He would like to tell you that upon graduation, he became employed as a journalist for a prestigious publication or news media organization—but that would not be true. Perhaps he served in the military or law enforcement and brings his extensive knowledge and experience from the field to bear in this, his first novel? Nope, didn’t do that either. The only things that are relevant to Kelvin’s skills and qualifications in authoring this book are the following: —He’s pretty good at shaping words into sentences to communicate ideas and pictures. —He saw Aliens eight times when it first came out in the cinemas, Die Hard six times, and Jaws five times (once with his grandmother, who also enjoyed it more than a little bit). The list goes on. —He reads a lot of books. Generally fiction. Generally adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy. He collects the odd graphic novel. —He plays video games and believes that the X-box is the superior console. Basically, Kelvin is just someone with an overactive imagination and a particular skill set involving the acquisition and dissemination of useless but entertaining trivia. He describes himself as a storyteller, nothing more. For the past twenty years, he has worked variously as a computer salesman and an IT engineer in the financial sector. Apex Predator is his first but not his last novel.