Quest for the Golden Orchid

by Roger Stimson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/30/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 102
ISBN : 9781984591449
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 102
ISBN : 9781984591456

About the Book

The tale is of a bee named Hermia who, while dreaming of adventure, makes an error in the hive. The drones are outraged, and to pacify them, the Queen sends Hermia off on a quest to find the pollen of the mysterious Golden Orchid! On her journey to find this rare flower, Hermia has many strange and interesting adventures. Will she succeed? Finally, when she is close to finding the flower, she uncovers a plot against a hive that has befriended her. Hermia and her friends first have to find a way to defend the hive from destruction!

About the Author

Having previously written a number of poems and comedy plays (unpublished) Roger was freelancing as an orchestral violinist when he wrote ‘The Quest for the Golden Orchid’. He was living with his wife and young children in Apple Tree Close, Peterborough, having just returned from freelancing with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra while he was temporarily out of work. Roger had kept bees at one time but this story was not a conscious plan to involve bees but rather grew unconsciously out of the moment while the children were asleep. Indeed the first six chapters ‘wrote themselves’ before he had any inkling of what the plot was to be! There is a kind of allegory in it where a ‘serious’ error made by a young bee causes her to be sent off in pursuit of the fabled Golden orchid in order to vindicate herself! (I should stress that, at the time, I had no such evidence against my children inspiring this tale, though one could surmise that the four of them did take part later as inspiration for the young bees!) A busy musician, it wasn’t until much later that Roger decided on publication. He had become aware of the plight of bees due to the use of pesticides. Personally buying organic and cycling when possible, Roger felt this story might just help involve young people in the purpose – they being so good at such things! Roger himself contributes regularly to charities which protest and raise the profile of bees, those busy little honey-makers so vital to the planet! During this later period, when the fine illustrations were being painstakingly created by Johann, a professional cartoonist and friend of Roger’s younger son, Alex, Roger began writing songs about each of the characters, following the story line. In two months he had written fifteen songs and, later, two more, creating what was now a potential as a school musical as well as an attractive story book! The songs, written for SATB solos, SA simple chorus, violin and piano were immediately accepted for publication by Spartan Music Press just a month later even before the songs were even properly finished. At the time of writing they are in the process of being prepared for proof reading, though one or two have already been performed at a number of children’s concerts. For more information email or look on his website