Princess of the Living Dead

by Michelle du Boariu



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/20/2017

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 412
ISBN : 9781543486414
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 412
ISBN : 9781543486421

About the Book

The book, Mishra princess of the living dead, is the first book of the fiction series. This first book is focused on the life of a young woman named Mishra. Until the age of 22 years, Mishra's life was centered on studies, but now she desires something completely different, she wants to know what love is, she wants to love and be loved, she wants a change! Though she thinks she is a simple woman, she has a talking diary with which she discusses and counsels herself. A night out with friends goes wrong, sending Mishra on a strange journey. Journey, which will have as a final destination her father's home. Once at her father's house, she'll discover that he's not an ordinary man, he is Vlad "Draculea", the King of the Living Dead. There she will find also the true story behind the vampire myth, the truth of their origin and, most importantly, find out what she is or most important who is she. She finally finds that she is Mishra, princess of the living dead. Mishra is kidnapped and finds that in the supernatural world is a war for a long time now and that her father is the only one who keeps this world from not falling apart, but in the same time, she finds out that her father is targeted by someone from the shadows who wants his power and his life. Mishra, Gabriel, Magdalena and their new allies will try to save Vlad and the whole supernatural world with it.

About the Author

Michelle du Boariu (real name Mihaela Puiac) is a Romanian fiction author. Michelle was born on 03 June 1986 in Bucharest, Romania, receiving at birth the name Mihaela Boariu, but after marrying her husband in September 2009 she took his last name becoming Mihaela Puiac. Michelle is the eldest daughter of the family Boariu, having a younger sister called Adalgiza Emilia Boariu. Michelle graduated the Technical College "Media" from Bucharest in 2005. The time spent in the Technical College "Madia" had formed her as a writer. Actually, her first fiction story was written when she was still at the college, but never published. In May 2016, her first child, Kira Maria, had seen for the first time the light of this world and for her, Michelle decides that is the time that her work to be published. The first book published is called – Mishra, princess of the living dead, who is also the first book of the fiction series. Her work is signed with the name “Boariu” as a heritage that the name Boariu never to be forgotten, as homage towards her father, Ion Boariu.