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Journey into Light: Experience the Sunshine Method

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Judy Leighton, pain and stress consultant, invites readers on her spiritual healing and adventure story, finding an unusual way out of the terrifying flashbacks of her life—and out of the darkness of feeling lost in overwhelming fear and painful memories. She relates how she was gloriously and quickly ushered into the sparkling and radiant sunshine of feeling new again.

Seeking relief from the long-term pain of her flashbacks, she prayed and was led to develop a method that unexpectedly released her from these flashbacks in only ten days. Surprisingly, two weeks later, she also experienced a total remission from a serious and painful rare illness that, over seven months, had brought her close to death’s door.

Feeling completely loved and valued by God, she is now able to enjoy simple pleasures, show deep compassion, and make the healthiest choices.

Her significant healing method—the Sunshine Method—can rapidly remove fear and pain from flashbacks. This method also aids in discovering personal, mental, and emotional traps, helping people see how to simultaneously untangle themselves from these interlocking traps and chains in order to find rapid release from them. The method also shows how to have a healthy self-worth now and includes a relaxing mental-exercise program.

Judy’s mission is to share her healing method to eliminate suffering. In this book, she provides more details about the Sunshine Method and shares stories and letters from some of the people she worked with individually, in groups, and through correspondence.

She reveals how, with the Sunshine Method, ordinary days unfold into the extraordinary.

In 1985, Judy developed the methodology to quickly release fear and pain from memories and the present. Since 1987, she has presented her method in medical centers and public seminars, with psychiatrist Dr. David A. Baron (former deputy director of the National Institute of Mental Health and currently professor, Department of Psychiatry, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California) as consultant.

Judy’s healing method continues to benefit people with serious illness, painful memories, physical pain, and addictions as well as those with the problems of stress and everyday life.

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