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Holistic Self-Care Tools for Caregivers

Care For Yourself While Caring For Others
  • Published: March 2017
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 9781524554811
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Many of us are caregivers of one kind or another. We are parents who take care of our children, adults who take care of our aging parents, teachers who care for and educate our students, physical- and mental-healthcare practitioners who care for the sick and elderly. We are healers, shamans, coaches, hairdressers, aestheticians. We provide invaluable service to others but tend to forget ourselves. I am one of you. However, over the past twenty years, I have learned how important it is to be aligned with the whole of who we are. When we are fully present to ourselves, we are more present to the people we serve. In this book, I share what I learned from years of in-depth study of energy medicine. It enabled me to heal and move through my health challenges with grace and ease, using the quick, easy, and effective subtle energy tools and processes that evolved into the CHI Self-Care System. This book helps you discover the energy tools that you already have and use them to care for yourself, be healthier, and more balanced while you care for others.

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