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Early Brain Sprouts from States to Traits

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Today, the society is at a crossroads, spending billions of dollars on fixing drug addiction problems, teen pregnancy, and youth health-risk behaviors and violence but unable to accomplish the goals. Prevalence of ADHD, spectrum behaviors, explosive temper, bipolar disorder, violence everywhere, teen anxiety and depression, and drug abuse problems are still high. NIH data shows that 40% of eighteen- to thirty-four-year-olds have some mental health issues that need help. Dollars are spent when changes cannot happen. If the same money is spent in educating general masses through the community organizations on the brain synaptic proliferation for zero- to three-year-olds in their optimal intellectual, cognitive, personality development, we certainly can create a better world. We can prevent ADHD, autism-spectrum behaviors, learning disabilities, depression, and psychosomatic illnesses by preventing aversive pathways during development at zero to five years old. Every child born needs to live on their strengths and talents with self-confidence. The book discusses scientific facts on experiential neurodevelopment for physical, intellectual, psychological, social, and emotional health in children’s zero- to five-year development and gives a curriculum to parents on sensory nurturing and multisensory integration with no expensive toys or gadgets.

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