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Divinity and Satanism and the Human Brains

Reflections of a Coptic Christian Brain Surgeon
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This book is about the human soul existing deep in the heart of the brain. This soul speaks to the divine god Jesus Christ, meditating while condemning the recent uprise in Satanism. As a Coptic Orthodox growing up in Egypt, a Christian minority, spiritual reflections have become my way of communication with my Lord. Being a neurosurgeon has made my faith and understanding in Christianity stronger, as I found the connection between humanity and divinity through the human brain. In this book, the author reflects on divinity and Satanism in the human brain. The human soul connects to her Lord Jesus and defines him, his love, and his words as one-to-one. It covers aspects of the human life span, from its birth through its destiny. Divinity competes with Satanism to enter within the human mind and brain. The ultimate product will determine the fate of each soul after its departure. This book contains seventy-one chapters, which are written as my soul’s perspective of the Bible, brain surgery, nature, universe, and world news. While forty-three chapters are written about the beauty of our Lord Jesus, love, sun, rose, and beloved of the human soul of all people. Another twenty-eight chapters are written in the memory of the Christian massacred by the darkness.

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