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My vision was to one day see these poems in a nice, handy poetry book. This poetry book recollects my young teenage life growing up in that young age era of time and the experiences I’ve been through, including both the good times and the not-so-good times. I look back at it with lots of regrets, especially the stupidest mistakes where it seemed to be just wrongful thinking. They have a saying, “The older you get, the wiser you become.” Well, I believe I’m wiser now and still can’t come to terms with some of my experiences. But it was real, and I lived it. Then again, I’m only human, and we are entitled of making mistakes. I guess it’s all about just living and learning. Anyway, if this poetry book is published, may the readers read and enjoy, and may this poetry be of inspiration to poetry readers because it will have people who have been through the ups and downs in life. Maybe my poetry will be able to stabilize them when they read it and realize that everybody goes through tough and difficult experiences and that, through the grace of God, after any storm, there will be a calm. God bless.

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