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Grow Your Company By Expanding into Foreign Markets
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Essential reading for any U.S business looking to expand into foreign markets. Informative and entertaining – personal insight and experiences make this a must-read if (and you should be) expanding into new territories. Industry Today Magazine. “As the world continues to get smaller, the opportunities for businesses of all sizes are increasing exponentially. Fluent in Foreign, with its practical-but-not-obvious insight, is a must read for anyone who wants to maximize those opportunities while staying clear of the pitfalls.” Robert Levin Editor-in-chief & Publisher, The New York Enterprise Report They WILL be asking you to pay bribes! What will you do? Is you company ready for international business? How will you pay for it all? Who will help? You'll see opportunities, but will you know the risks? How will you manage crises? These and many other tough questions are candidly and clearly answered in the "Fluent in Foreign Business". Using personal stories supported by proven concepts, the author will take you on an entertaining journey and will provide you with the complete framework for effective decision making with respect to taking your business international.

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