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Training Africa's Youth In Waste Management And Climate Change

A Textbook For The Youth In Africa's Primary And Junior Secondary Schools
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This textbook is a guide for primary and junior high school pupils in African countries to promote greater levels of sustainable development. The book seeks to help these pupils to become better environmental leaders by educating them on waste management and climate change. The reasons for putting forward lessons in waste management and climate change for training students lie in the fact that as future leaders, students need to be aware of the need to preserve their environment for the use of future generations. According to an old African adage, the present generation holds the environment in trust for use by future generations. If we identify with this wise saying, we will develop appropriate means to educate our children about environmental sustainability at the earliest possible stage in their education. This conforms to the sustainable development principle which calls for the preservation of the environment for the benefit of future generations. In order to arrive at its aim, this book discusses in simplified terms the reasons for promoting waste management and the need to fight climate change, two serious environmental problems which have had increasingly negative impacts on the ecology of countries. The book then puts forward a series of lessons in waste management and climate change for students to learn and practise so as to have a practical effect at school and in their respective communities.

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