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The Singer at Penn Station

A Script Based on a True Story
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Back in New York, Sergeant Samuel is demoted to work in the traffic police. He is teamed up with Huang, an experienced and deeply religious police officer. At Penn Station in New York, Samuel comes across Olis, a brilliant but illegally performing street singer with no memory of his past. As the goodhearted Samuel—against the advice of Huang—decides to help Olis, he gradually becomes embedded in a complex case with its roots in the Vatican. With the help of Melera, a top gang leader deeply conflicted by being abused as a boy serving the church, Samuel uncovers how the servants of the church, driven by greed and deep, dark instincts, ruthlessly exploit innocent and loving individuals, who are driven to insanity. He also uncovers how the cardinal Marchetto Caccini with all means—including modern sciences—pursues the highest positions in the church. At the end, the good-hearted Samuel is faced with the choice of either following his heart or revealing the horrifying secrets of the cardinal.

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