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Too Tough to Die, Too Poor to Leave

  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: January 2004
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 173
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781413406825
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This is the gripping story of Jackson and Martha McClure struggling to survive on a Texas Panhandle farm during the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s. They work beyond normal man´s endurance to hang onto their land, but their hardships pale when they are faced with new, unforeseen burdens.

A destitute stranger leaves his six motherless children, one an infant, with the McClures while he seeks work wherever he can find it. The McClures, including their own two young sons, now have ten mouths to feed, three times a day, seven days a week, for how long they did not know, in a time when farms have turned into clouds of dust.

The McClures and their neighbors strive to conquer Mother Nature, and work toward creating a better tomorrow for themselves and those who come after them. They are rewarded by indelible marks they leave across the land - a land that men once thought of as worthless and inhospitable. They prove to be a very special breed - independent, courageous, self-reliant, individualistic, visionary, and resourceful.

I received a copy of Too Tough To Die, Too Poor To Leave from the author, Will-Allen Jameson. I was so impressed with the book that I could not put it down. I read into the night and early morning until there was the end of the last page. I really enjoyed learning the history of the Dust Bowl Days. The people were so compassionate and caring in this novel that was composed by Will-Allen Jameson. I have learned more about the Dust Bow Days in Texas from this book than anywhere else. Thank you, Will-Allen Jameson, because you took the time and effort to gather this information, compose, and write this wonderful book.

Signed: John Phillips
Senior Criminal Investigator
Hale County Sheriff's Office
Plainview, Texas 79072

Too Tough To Die, Too Poor To Leave brought back my memories of the Dust Bowl Days of West Texas, known as the Dirty Thirties. As a lad growing up in Vernon, Texas, I remember vividly the dust boiling in and from the Plains of Texas, and turning day into darkness. I look forward to reading Will-Allen's new follow-up book.

Judge Bill Hollars
Plainview, Texas

The ones of us who grew up in the Texas Panhandle treasure Will-Allen Jameson's book Too Tough To Die, Too Poor To Leave because the book celebrates our heritage. Will-Allen wrote the book because of her love for the common people who went through those tough days. I think the book will become required reading for students of American culture and literature.

David Willard
Professor Emeritus of English
Bakersfield College.
Bakersfield, California

Too Tough To Die, Too Poor To Leave is a surprisingly insightful depiction of human struggle against mother nature, and the need to survive against all odds.

Arthur Muriel
Bakersfield, California

Will-Allen Jameson has tapped into great personal reflections and vast research in her book, Too Tough To Die, Too Poor TO Leave. She has developed her characters in such a way that they literally leap off the page and become so real that the book is impossible to lay aside. Mrs. Jameson uses her creative insights in such a way that she is fast becoming one of the country's leading new authors. I highly recommend it as a fascinating read.

Joe Provence
Director of Alumni Services
Wayland Baptist University
Plainview, Texas

After our discussion group reviewed Too Tough To Die, To Poor To Leave by Will-Allen Jameson, we predicted this b

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