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Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman

  • Also available as: Dust Jacket Hardcover, E-Book
  • Published: December 2003
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 347
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781413416220
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Italian America Magazine

Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman

A new classic about the ancient world!

Forced on an unwanted journey by foot, cart, barge and ship, manipulated by powerful kings, cunning men, women and gods, Scribe Larthia faces torture, rape, exile, prostitution and the knife. Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman is an action-packed adventure of an unusual woman’s survival in the sixth century B.C.E. when all scribes were male.

Larthia--married, childless Etruscan noblewoman, disguises herself as a man to exercise her gift of scribing. Opening the Tomb of the Ancestors marks her fate. Abducted and forced on an unwanted journey, Larthia uses her charm, sex and scribing tools to outwit her enemies from Tarchna (modern Tarquinia), to Rome, Sicily and on to Athens and beyond through the turbulent Mediterranean waters. Against her will, she voyages to Egypt where she is initiated as priestess into the rites of the Cult of Isis. Helped by a mortal god and sponsored by the pharaoh, Larthia maneuvers her way back to Etruria only to find chilling surprises. Aided by a stranger, the merchant-vintner from Curtun, she must challenge destiny and discover where she will be for eternity.

Rosalind Burgundy is to the Etruscans what Mary Renault is to the Greeks, and Colleen McCullough is to the Romans.



Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman

Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman is a wonderful narrative with realistic characters, filled with excitement and surprises to satisfy any reader. It is indeed a well-written book.

Ralph Ferraro, Director
The Italian American Press
…Odyssey is a book that draws the reader in immediately and takes them deeper and deeper into life of early Italy, the people and their rituals. Through Burgundy’s creation of Larthia, we are treated to a unique experience of a noblewoman’s trials and triumphs despite much adversity. This book would go well with a feast fit for a king (or princess!), goblets of wine and an occasional cold wind blowing.
Lane Wiley, Book Reviewer,
Sierra Mountain Times Newspaper
Twain Harte, California
Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman is a universal tale of a woman’s strengths, weaknesses and will to survive—that is as timely today as it was centuries ago during an era historically dominated by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
Charles K. South Palm Beach, Florida
A real page-turner! I couldn’t wait to see how Larthia would deal with each new dilemma she faced, and in each case it was cleverly and unexpectedly. An exciting read. Along the way, the author includes tidbits of Etruscan, Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures so that you learn about them almost without realizing it. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!
Dean R., Durham, North Carolina
The author’s passion for Etruscan history must have led her on a mysterious and very personal journey back in time. Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman reveals Ms. Burgundy’s true inner self as she leads the reader onto her fantastic adventure and into the heart and soul of her character. A niche book that will go mainstream!

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