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Coming to the Correct Understanding of God and His Purpose for life
  • Also available as: E-Book, Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: July 2009
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 622
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781441527639
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What Is Life All About? Is life:

A Grand Conspiracy? A Marvelous Mystery? An Incredible Accident? Or Something Else?

The surprise is that you can know the truth about life and be 100% confident in that knowledge. You will know what is on the other side of death. Amazingly, your success or failure in life has to do with your attitude. The person with the “wrong” attitude can read, see, hear the truth and deny it vehemently, while the person with right attitude will understand, appreciate and believe the truth. Life is a perfect and difficult test. The process of life itself sorts out good from evil, right from wrong and you will succeed or fail depending on your attitude. The book defines the attitude you need to succeed and provides evidence and examples to convince. What is life really all about? It may be true that most people do not care, but what is the reason for “not caring?” Generally, it is because people DOUBT ANYONE REALLY KNOWS, and thus why should anyone care. In addition, the world brings great confusion to this subject. There are scams and frauds around every corner, and even “honest people” push the limits of the truth with exaggeration – which is really a lie. Greed, selfishness, covetousness, envy, and power are behind a lot of the deceit. The wonder of heaven will provide infinitely more than people could ever achieve on earth, but people want everything NOW and deceit is a frequent companion to achieving earthly desires. There are 45 chapters in the book, “What Is Life All About” and then some extensive helpful appendices – another 163 pages. The single most influential deceit is in the area of religion. The single most prominent reason for being an atheist or agnostic is religion. The past 2000 years of religious history includes unspeakable cruelty, wars, terrorism, indoctrination, lies and deception and this rightly leads to opposition, but also strangely to acceptance/indifference/excuses by others. The critical missing fact is that God had nothing to do with these religions – but abhors them. What a pathetic assumption to blame God. The truth about God and these religious groups could quickly clarify the situation.

Chapter 16 is a chapter that begins to sort out HOW all this religious mess occurred. Here is a partial outline for chapter 16: 16.1 What Is Seriously Wrong with Judaism? 16.2 What Is Seriously Wrong with Roman Catholicism? 16.3 What Is Seriously Wrong with Protestant Groups? 16.4 What Is Seriously Wrong with Islam? 16.5 What Is Seriously Wrong with Mormonism? 16.6 What Is Seriously Wrong with the Jehovah’s Witnesses? 16.7 What Is Seriously Wrong with Atheism/Agnosticism? “Seriously Wrong” means there is NO eternal value in these religions. These belief systems were the fabrication of men and/or women and did NOT come from God. The evidence is overwhelming and deceit runs through these religions like vultures going through a carcass. You do not need a forensic analysis, but you can do a complete autopsy if you wish. The damaging evidence regarding these groups is clearly seen and very logical and understandable from the book. This is because AS YOU UNDERSTAND GOD (a significant subject in the book) you do not need to go very far into these beliefs to see huge problems. One of the attitudes you need is a LOVE OF THE TRUTH more than the love of what you currently believe. You can understand God, His purpose, His plan inasmuch as He has revealed Himself. Incredibly, one major obstacle to overcome will be the MAGNITUDE OF THE DECEIT. Lies on top of lies often for many centuries define today’s religions. Religion has become “man’s idea of God” and there is no consistency, just random unrelated doctrines. The truth is infinitely different with everything perfectly connected to a single purpose. Ultimately, your success or failure in life is simply a matter of where you place your trust. Is your trust in God or is it in men/women, who say they are telling you

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