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Presented in Easy Recite Arabic (ERA) TRANSLITERATION
  • Published: April 2012
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 1054
  • Size: 8.5x11
  • ISBN: 9781469199870
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Arabic Quran is the Holy Book of present 1400 million Muslims. God, all mighty Himself is its author. He revealed whole of His Book to His Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammadsaw, over 1400 years ago.

Since then, Arabic Quran has been in print, in countless typestyles, calligraphy and fonts. As per His promise, in His own Quran, all its original letters and versus have survived as such, in their initial sequence.

Over 900 million Non-Arab Muslims of today, who are not justly literate in the vocabulary and grammar of Arabic language, keenly strive to read entire Arabic Quran in real recitation with proper pronunciation.

With a view to facilitate Non-Arab Muslims in their right recitation, Arabic scripts have been modified and made-easy, via many innovations and novelties in the past. And, it shall continue to happen in future.

ERA Transliteration is the latest, biggest, yet simplest one-time contribution. It may well be exploited by all sorts of teachers and readers.

Great ground:

ERA Transliteration has 2 Real-time Utilities in 1 Instant Arabic Script.

1. Never before a Holy Quran, 'Special for Recitation' was ever produced.
2. Nor, the Holy Quran was 'Totally Transliterated into Arabic Letters.'

Some merits of ERA Transliteration are given below for your verification:

1. ERA Transliteration offers all comforts and merits of other transliterations.

2. ERA Quran presents 'Unique Edition for NAZRA.' First ever in history.

3. ERA Quran's Simplified Arabic uses just 30 select symbols, as alphabet.

4. All its letters, diacritics and 'Waqf locations pre-tell, what actually be read.

5. Layout of lines on all pages in ERA Quran offers un-matched advantages.

6. So, it takes YOU one-way-only, risk, tension and error free, most smoothly.

7. And, it is Top Easy to Teach, User Friendly to Read and Lot Easy to Learn.

8. For more information, please visit www.EasyReciteArabic.org

Inventor's Humble Prayer:

May Gracious Allahsbt bless you all, for your TILAWAH, NAZRA Quran and Ready-made, Rational and Relaxed Recitation on ERA Transliteration. Amen.

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