Ancient History of Northeast Asia Redefined

東北亞 古代史 新論

by Mosol, Don S. Lee



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Language : English
Publication Date : 22/07/2018

Format : Softcover
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ISBN : 9781984539120
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About the Book

My acquaintances raise the question: Why does a medical doctor write a historiography? My answer is still the same as I provided in the past couple of times. Because of geopolitics and unique Korean culture, they couldnt envision the way I set the premises. Classic Chinese character interpretation has to be based upon reasoning. Traditional type of simple logic wouldnt work. Series of syllogism is needed to get the bottom out. The most reliable source of information is the logograms, its advancement, and the Shijing. Under the new study method, the legendary Dangun Wanggeom was unveiled.


The Eurasian nomads moved to east, settled in the birth place of Yellow River Valley Civilization, controlled the epic flood, and set the capital of Dangun Joseon around the Xiechi pool. The mob killed Wanggeom, set the Xia dynasty ()of China, chased out the Dangun followers to the north. The Wanggeom followers ended up in the Xiongnu territory and left Donghu culture. They spread out to the north and also through the sea of Hahn to Japanese archipelago to Okinawa. Baekjae even had the Chinese Imperial Seal for awhile. Constant struggle of two groups is the History of Northeast Asia. This New Theory needs to be assessed by others.

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