The New Covenant on Trial

Examining the Evidence for a Replacement Covenant

by Wayne Talbot



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Language : English
Publication Date : 16/02/2016

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Page Count : 126
ISBN : 9781514445709
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Dimensions : 6x9
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ISBN : 9781514445716
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ISBN : 9781514445723

About the Book

What if Replacement Theology, as has been taught in Christian circles for nearly two millennia is, in fact, a Christian myth? What if the doctrine developed by the Church of Rome in those early years was built not in concert with what was taught by the Jewish Apostles but in opposition by the Gentile converts? What if Paul’s attempts to make sense of how the new era in Christ could be explained to both Jew and Gentile, whilst allowing each to remain as called, was subsequently misinterpreted? What if the middle wall of separation that the Messiah sought to tear down was put back up again as a result of a schism between the Gentile and the Jew, with neither party quite getting it right? Putting the new covenant on trial, the author seeks to understand how the long-standing cultural differences between Jew and Gentile led to not simply a new covenant but to a replacement covenant. Paul taught inclusion theology, the Gentile joining with the Jew, being nourished from the original vine. For centuries, the Jews had excluded the Gentiles unless they agreed to become proselytes, non-Jewish Jews in a religious sense. Eventually with the centre of the religion moving from Jerusalem to Rome, and Hebraic thought patterns replaced with the Hellenic thought patterns of the now majority Gentile congregation, inclusion theology was turned on its head. Replacement theology became exclusion theology for Jews, and the iron hand of Rome began the persecutions that have existed to this day. This sounds like fiction, but it is not. It is not an untold story, but is seldom heard from the perspective of Christian doctrine. This book seeks to provide the evidence that the Church of Rome strayed from the way of the Messiah and has taught others to do the same.

About the Author

Raised as a Catholic, Wayne Talbot has, in recent years, undertaken to study scripture from beginning to end, putting aside all theological presuppositions. He has studied the works of Christian, Messianic Jewish, and Orthodox Jewish authors, with a view to obtaining the broadest possible view of the competing theologies. Using his experience as a former commercial analyst to objectively evaluate the various claims and counterclaims, he has sought to understand the foundational suppositions on which these theologies rely. Consequently, he has revised his understanding, in particular the writings in the New Testament. Today, he owes allegiance to no Christian denomination, describing his theological view as that of a Messianic God-fearing Gentile Zionist. He accepts the continuing place of historical Israel in God’s plans and accepts the salvific accomplishments of the Messiah, but not the Christian claims of a Replacement Covenant and the attendant doctrine and theology. Though a late starter in the literary field, Wayne Talbot has published a novel, Finding the Shepherd, a pseudobiographical account that alludes to his own theological wanderings against a background of places he has been but of entirely fictional people and events. He has published a refutation of Richard Dawkins’ Greatest Show on Earth, entitled The Dawkins Deficiency, and an entirely original treatise, Information, Knowledge, Evolution, and Self, which contends that the posited mechanisms of evolution are insufficient to account for the cognitive information and knowledge in humans. In between, he has written thirteen Bible study books, From the Back Pew. Further details can be found on his website, This, the fourteenth in the series, is the first to be published professionally.