My Best Picture Book

by Rebecca A. Vorsah



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 31/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 90
ISBN : 9781477111727

About the Book

My Best Picture Book contains integrated subjects for children learning through play. When children are learning different subjects through play activities, it is enjoyable and flexible for them. Learning becomes very easy.  They easily remember whatever they learn because their ways of learning is through everyday activities. Frequent interactions with the learning resources motivate them to learn very fast in a playful manner.  For example, children quickly learn Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Agricultural Science, Home Economics etc. when they are learning in the school with the right resources.  These activities always motivate and reinforce them to go to school. 

Children are very innovative and creative when they are playing in a relaxed manner. Book corner, music corner, pet’s corner, construction area, dressing corner, sand tray area, water tray area and many other activities are in this book.  It covers the curriculum.

There are lots of progressive activities in this book which motivate children to keep on learning without feeling tired. My Best Picture Book is written to help children develop mentally, socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually etc. There are different pictures such as market places, party friends, carvings, short interesting stories and mathematics anagram.   Children are encouraged to explore, investigate and find out things for themselves. With the help of these activities, they are developing their future skills gradually.

Innovation, creativity, technology and education are the key valuable words circulating in every country.  To solve children’s learning problems concerning literacy and numeracy, My Best Picture Book has the answer for you. Let your children have a feel of this book and acquire all the skills they need.  Thank you for purchasing the book.

About the Author

Rebecca A. Vorsah is a world-famous specialist in education. The author has eighteen years experience of working with children and the youth up to twenty years of age in both Ghana and the UK. She had her first degree (BEd Arts) from University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana and her Master’s in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from The University of Manchester in the UK. Whilst studying, she was deeply involved in voluntary and community development work. Rebecca also promotes the welfare of international students by working closely in partnership with universities and colleges and other stakeholders in the UK by providing advice and mentoring. A policy committee member of SCVO – Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations – contributing to the UK parliamentary issues. She is an education consultant. Anyone who needs her expert service can contact her.