A Single Rose Can be My Garden

My First Pet, A Penny for Your Thoughts, Gently Down the Stream, Everything Under the Sun

by Chris Nelson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/04/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781493175444

About the Book

A Single Rose Can be My Garden comes in three parts along with two short essays (Right Little Madam and Golden Nuggets). Part 1, A Penny for Your Thoughts, describes Chris's champion show beagle, Penny. The poems reveal an animal at one and the same time full of mischief, silliness, and fun, as well as one capable of amazing perception, having a sort of 6th sense, and being loving, loyal, and sensitive to an extraordinary degree. This is evinced by the poem, Dog's Will, where Penny is shown to become a one woman dog - although two person dog would be almost equally accurate. Part 2, Gently Down the Stream is a celebration of modern life as the author experienced it in some cases, while in other cases, only imagined/dreamt of it being so. These inspired poems, demonstrate the amazing ability of the author to put himself into another person's shoes, which might also be described as having an instinctive feel for all aspects of life, even those not personally experienced. An example of such a poem is the poem, Babies, as well as, regrettable as it may be, Romantic Love. (at least after a night that, although NOT HIS FAULT, made his life much different than the norm, which is all he ever wanted it to be). The expanded version of the title - A Single Rose Can be My Garden, A Single Friend My World - captures this idea very well!!!!! Part 3, Everything Under the Sun, is a pulling together of diverse threads on a variety of subjects, having perennial interest and relevance, which the author feels he has a good feel for/knowledge of, and can thus offer sage advice on/ be a voice of reason/or be a fountain of wisdom (not youth! LOL!) Of all the poems, the author is most passionate in his abhorrence of war, which he was raised by a German mother who had gone through living hell during the terrible bombing campaigns of civilians during WWII. To relate my feelings on war, let me quote from a well known book, by a Swiss author, called "The Good Soldier Schweik". Schweik, in a desperate attempt to reach the enemy across No Man's Land, shouts: For God's sake don't shoot! Don't you realize there are PEOPLE over here! If that isn't saying something and saying it well...!

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