The Royals' Secret

by D. J. McAllister



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Language :
Publication Date : 27/10/1998

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9780738810720
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9780738810737

About the Book

The man sitting at the back of the room is Ronald James Windsor, Ron for short.  He is 5'7", 30 years old, 149 pounds, with light brown hair and hazel eyes and is the manager and half owner of the family business, "Old World Antiques".  His grandfather came from England and bought an old building on seventh street sixty years ago or so and sold used furniture and antiques out of the storefront, while he and his wife, Bess, lived upstairs in the little four room apartment.  

Grandpa taught his son the business and eventually got out of it and now grandpa Dave and grandma Bess live in the beautiful country home they built back in the 1930's on about fifteen acres north of town.  Grandpa Dave and Ron's father, Andrew, taught Ron the business from the time he was ten years old and grandpa sent him to college to learn everything about art and antiques there was to learn.  Since grandpa was paying for it, Ron worked very hard and now holds a degree from Missouri in Fine Arts History with a minor in Business.  

Ron studied art in high school and he can paint, not as well as a Rembrandt or a Picasso, but well enough to make a forgery if need be.  He also does pen and ink and pencil drawings, he even tried cartoons for a while, but didn't like that.  He said it looked "cheap".  

He works out at the local gym three times a week, a regular regimen using the weight machines to strengthen and tone up his body.  He rides his bike on the bike trails the other days and plays softball in the City League.  One of the women who attend Margaret's meetings has seen him at the gym, and another has seen him riding on the bike trails.  

Most of them know about the softball, he has been in the newspaper off and on over the years because of his skill and his willingness to help the community and it's people and has been a friend of the charities for years.  He doesn't know them, but they will pass the word through their friends in the group.  All the people who come to the meetings know his name, or soon find out, but he doesn't know that yet either.  

He is in fine shape and needs to remain that way because of his business.  There is heavy furniture to lift and he won't ask Ray, his furniture mover, or his father to do it if he can't help.  

But Ron isn't the most interesting figure here.  There is someone far more spellbinding among the characters found between these covers.  But who - and how did it happen?

About the Author

D. J. McAllister was born Jan 20, 1949 in St Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He lived for several years in Wichita, Kansas and Kansas City and has traveled to many places across the country. He has written many of his unusual experiences over the years.