Memories of Mom: They Called Her ''Dutch''

by Mary Hilaire Tavenner



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/13/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 174
ISBN : 9781425713058

About the Book

Memories of Mom: They Called Her “Dutch” All of us have something in common. We all have parents. No child comes into this world without the union of two cells: one from a mother and one from a father. Not every Mother, not every Father do a good job of parenting. One of the main reasons I never chose to have a child is because, even as a youngster, I could clearly see how much work, devotion, suffering, time, energy, and resources go into raising a happy, healthy person. Parenting is not a job for the feint of heart! Memories of Mom is a true story of a mother who made “her family” her life’s work. Mother raised seven children, sometimes single-handedly. My father was an alcoholic, and couldn’t always provide his share of responsibility or relationship. Still, together, they tried. Memories of Mom: They Called Her “Dutch” is the life of a woman who preferred privacy to notoriety. When you read the life story of Mary Catherine “Dutch” Montgomery Tavenner, you will pause to reflect upon your own life story, your parents, your parenting skills, your family life---but you will absolutely be inspired, motivated and emotionally charged by the singular courage of the one woman, I called “Mother”. Most all of us would love to write a book. We say that we’d like to produce a book about our own travails and adventures, or about someone else’s life journey, someone we may have admired or abhorred. I have had the desire, opportunity, resources, self-discipline and privilege to prepare for you, the reader, the journey of my mother, and in my opinion, the “centerpiece” of the Montgomery/Tavenner Clan. Mother loved her city of Lorain, Ohio, and always embraced life in her hometown, as well as those most dear to her. In writing Mom’s story, I have decided to include those who were so much a part of her formation, her heritage and ours.

About the Author

Dr. Mary Hilaire (Sally) Tavenner of Dutch Ink Publishing is an educator, public speaker, and author of six books; (seven, including her dissertation.) She has consulted for a 3 million docudrama on the life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, attended Mother Seton’s Canonization in 1974 and Mother Marianne Cope’s Beatification in 2005. Tavenner taught several thousand children and adults during her career as an educator in New York, Ohio, Florida and Puerto Rico. She has served as an adjunct for the University of South Florida, Tiffin University, Cleveland State, Ashland University and Lorain County Community College. Dr. Tavenner is the President of the Friends of Helen Steiner Rice, a world-famous poet from her hometown of Lorain, Ohio. Dr. Tavenner is currently self-employed, working for “Dutch Ink”, a publishing business named in honor of her mother “Dutch”. “Dr. T” also teaches ESOL, part-time for Lorain City Schools Adult Education. Dr. Hilaire (Sally) Tavenner can be contacted via her website: and her books are available from her website as well as every bookstore in America, upon request.