TRIPTYCH-a Mystery

Part 1-The Painting

by Ted Dalbotten



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/08/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 523
ISBN : 9781425705244

About the Book

TRIPTYCH—a Mystery (Part 1—The Painting) deals with a well known biblical figure during several incarnations through which he finally achieves complete self awareness and self-acceptance. It is a self contained novel within a larger three part structure including Part 2 (Preliminary Studies) and Part 3 (Afterimages), which though formally related to Part –and dealing with the creative process, but telling their own stories—are not printed here. Part 1—The Painting is written in its own three part structure and is in the form of a mystery story—to which the word, “mystery,” is to be applied in more than one definition: To begin with it is not a “Whodunit?” but “Whoisit?” And though the answer to this question should become apparent by halfway through the work, the final denouement can be perceived as either diabolical or holy—or both—depending upon the reader’s point of view.

About the Author

Ted Dalbotten, who published writing, includes Winterreise—a collection of fiction, theatre pieces and poetry, migrated to New York City from California at age 24 shortly after World War II. Though his principal activity over the years has been as a vocal and dance accompanist, he thought for over two decades in the Dance Education program at Columbia Teachers College and for a slightly shorter tenure at the Martha Graham School of contemporary dance. At age eighty three he continues to participate as performer with Margareth Beals’ dance improve group.