Mother Never Told Me

by Maggie Elliott



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Language :
Publication Date : 21/12/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 103
ISBN : 9781425734930

About the Book

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Women learn a lot from their mothers-after all, mother knows best but there are little things that wise old Mommy didn´t cover very well-like how to deal with tricky,complicated romantic affairs. Maggie Elliott jumps in where mom failed to deliver in her little book " Mother Never Told Me" A woman´s guide to love,relationships and men in general. Elliott might very well herald a new era by bringing back good old fashion values with a modern twist. Some ideas portrayed are a bit naughty but who expects perfection? The book is thought provoking and opens a world of glamour, set in fabulous locales, at the same time delivering practical tips through dialogue rather than a lecture, with a no nonsense approach to analyzing prospective mates. This is an informative and highly empowering woman´s manual for the affairs of the heart.

About the Author

Maggie Elliott is the pseudonym for a Company Director, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, mother and grandmother. Having experienced some very traumatic situations from a failed marriage, she feels compelled to help women navigate a path to greater independence, self confidence and fulfillment. She is involved in establishing a charitable foundation to help under-privileged children and abused women.