The White Gorilla

Asylum Falls

by Bruce Holmberg



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/04/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 253
ISBN : 9781436332415

About the Book

Everywhere you look, there are warnings. On food labels, at the gas stations, in our cars, on our clothes, even the toothpaste we use. There are warnings at every level of life, but the one warning that Seymour will never forget is what his father and grandfather always drilled into him. “Never touch a White Gorilla.” But the question is, “Why?” Does this creature even exist? Unravel the intriguing answers in The White Gorilla, a fascinating novel by Bruce Holmberg.

The White Gorilla has been an urban legend for hundreds of years and based in many different cultures. Asylum Falls is the last place the White Gorilla is spotted. Seymour’s newest Dumple’s Donut Hole Shoppe was built in Asylum Falls not by accident but by design. The grand opening is going to cause more than minor problems for Seymour’s friends and take a tragic turn – one which is going to shape all their lives. Seymour has to know if the White Gorilla is real and why his father and grandfather had told him, “Never touch a White Gorilla.” Will Seymour live to regret finding the answers to his questions?

About the Author

Bruce Holmberg was born in Chicago in 1948. He spent his school years and adult life in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and is the father of four children and grandfather of three granddaughters. He is currently an owner of an advertising specialties company and has been writing stories of the White Gorilla for over thirty-five years.