Black Rose

by Kennard Gregg



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/05/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781483641676

About the Book

Girls Girls to me, are like honey to a bee. Sweet, natural, and pretty to see. They’re like water, with it’s strange dimensions with a body that when it moves, demands your attention. So don’t be shy. Or turn your head astray. Because it’s the better part of you. So don’t give it away. And the next time you approach her. Be sure to let her know Just how much you love her And will never let her go. So be firm with your judgment. And sturdy with your stand. For the many times you tell her. She may not understand. So lady if your listening. Don’t make no snap decisions. And even if you turn me down. It’s just my life I am living. R espect Life equals love, and without respect There is no love And love is The giving of oneself In the ultimate game of foreplay And being able to accept this experience as true knowledge And love is accepting responsibility Hold heartedly, without question or doubt And the answer to our greatest question is if if’s and an’s were pots and pans The world would be a kitchen I didn’t I did not come into your home to disturb the peace of your surroundings and if there’s one so bold and unaware that he is alone Well . . . he should have tore up his invite, and stayed his ass at home You see the invitation was for those with means A gentleman quite courteous to the extreme With words that are clever quite witty with charm Which pose no threat or need to be alarmed I am looking I am looking for a woman A woman with a sense of humor A woman with common sense A woman I can depend on when I haven’t gotten the rent A woman I can believe in A woman I can trust A woman that says “baby ain’t nothing too great for us” A woman that’s in my corner A woman that know I care A woman that’s always patient and ain’t getting in my hair A woman that’s healthy A woman that’s strong A woman that know when I am leaving I won’t be gone for long Freedom I want to be free. Free to do as I please. But nobody’s saying you’re going to live at ease. You see free is one thing and dome is another. Free-dom. Free-dom. Freedom. Really being free is when you leave this place. You see you left all the problems of having to contend With people from another race, another place, another time. Trying to put their way of thinking on your mind. Never no lovin’. Just wanting to be okay. Freedom should let these people know That even a dog has a day And as for me I just want to be free I wish I didn’t have to work another day For this money that’s so badly needed. But bills come and take it all away. And as for me I want to be free I am tired of making people laugh, sing, run around Looking at me like a some kind of a clown I just want to be free So tell me What does it mean to be free And in turn, to see is to be And what does it mean To be, to be and not to be free T he Lord don’t let you cry It’s hard for me to find the word I want to say to you I’m sorry that I left you But now I know the love we shared was true It hurts for me to realize That I carried on that way And if I could I’d say I’m sorry Each and every day You’ve inspired me pretty much To be what I am today, and now I know with love like that You just don’t give it away Why couldn’t I realize What it was I had You see trying to live Without true love Can drive a person mad But I’m glad Not mad at what I had But the way things fell apart Makes me feel so sad I’m glad to have met a person where as most men never find You may think me stupid But I always knew that you were mine I hope life’s being good to you What else can I say You’ve left an impression in my heart Until this very day So let’s leave it as is I don’t want to die How was I suppose to know With love The Lord don’t let you cry T he American Dream I want to be free As free as an eagle flying high above the hills or as free as a buffalo grazing in the fields as free as a rabbit hopping through the grass

About the Author

(PEN) Kennard D. Gregg (b) Jan. 7, 1955. Philadelphia, PA; (P) Simon and Sarah Gregg (Ed) Overbrook High shoemaker JR. high in Philadelphia, PA (OCC) Vendor; (hon) Army Germany Go Machine Gunner (oth writ) I took some time, Dreams, and others. I am now living in Atlantic City (A) Atlantic City, NJ.