Montage Depictions Of The Life Of Jesus

by James William Allen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/11/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 36
ISBN : 9781493123636

About the Book

Stories of Jesus have been told throughout time, but the great fine art masters brought the narrative to light in very unique and poignant ways. Scholars and students of the Bible, appreciators of art, and people who simply seek understanding through the visual medium will enjoy this heartfelt rendering of the various stages of Jesus’ life. Through their meticulous choice of fine art, James William and Jacquelyn M. Allen draw the observer into a world that often finds expression within the purview of text. Though scripture and other scholarship paint picture with words, the artistic universe offers a shocking paradigm shift. Suddenly, we are there, in Judea, feeling empathy and joy for Mary and Joseph, a young couple who have been told of the savior’s forthcoming arrival- their very own newborn. Angels, the three wise men (also known as “the magi,”) and a host of other participants come to life through breathtaking brush strokes that magically vanquish millennia. Created through artful use of digital technology, James William Allen’s photoshop montages juxtapose various renditions of artistic brilliance across the ages, demonstrating the timeless impact of Jesus’ birth, life trajectory, death, resurrection and ascension. The text was largely derived from the canonical Bible- four accounts according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The authors of this work neither purport to be biblical scholars, nor intend to set forth a particular set of religious or spiritual principals. The book is primarily offered for aesthetic purposes and in tribute to a remarkable life that eternally endures.

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