Team Working for Better Math Students

A Collaborative Approach for Parents and Teachers of Students in Grades 1-12

by James Elander



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/08/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 310
ISBN : 9781524541781

About the Book

Someone once said, “Don’t tell your student what to think, but teach your student how to think.” Mathematics is more than just numbers, figures, and algebra. The major objective is valid decision-making for everyday situations and good citizenship.

About the Author

Jim Elander, after World War II and using the GI Bill, attended college at Western Illinois University and began teaching math in a small school in Mazon, Illinois, which only had 120 students, where he taught all the math plus physics and chemistry. He learned a lot! After a few years, he decided to work on postgraduate degrees at the Illinois State University. Then he taught at Dixon, Illinois, the hometown of President Reagan. After one year at Dixon, he took a position at Oak Park River Forest High School, where he eventually became the Math Department Chairman. While at Oak Park River Forest , he became president of two professional organizations—Men’s Math Club of Chicago and the Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers, which is now the School Science and Mathematics Association. He will be always be grateful for the teachers and professors he was so fortunate to have. During these years he was a GE Fellow at Purdue, several National Science Foundation programs at Western Michigan, plus a publisher’s at Michigan State. After retiring from Oak Park, he joined the faculty at North Central College. During this time, he published his first geometry text, which is still available at your bookstore or Amazon. He has served on many NCA evaluation teams plus published two books, TGIF Math and Basic High School Math Review. He has written a new plane and solid geometry text using the method of H. Fawcett’s NCTM 13th Yearbook and discovery methods of G. Polya.