Naughty Forty-One Important Lessons & Six Red Flag Warnings

Do’s and Don’ts in Any Relationship

by J. F. Klynn



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 05/04/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 238
ISBN : 9781796026238

About the Book

This cleverly written graphic manuscript reveals and highlights important lessons of the dos and don’ts in any relationship. However, there’s a twist in the book that you should not miss. This book begins with meaningful and scriptural issues, then you are thrown curves capable of knocking you down. If you’re looking to read something nice about this book, do not bet on it. Pick up the Holy Bible or Vanity Fair magazines for niceness. If you are looking for naughty things to read about, well, this publication fits into that category. At the book’s beginning, it discusses qualities of love and infatuation. Then it descends into darkness and debauchery. At the book’s end, it concludes with important six red flag warning signs. Yes, this includes six red flag warning signs everyone should look for to prevent any kind of unwanted complications in a relationship. “Let he who has discernment—understand!”

About the Author

About the Author Let me to introduce myself. The name is James Franc Klynn, J. F. Klynn aka, Pop, Poppa, Mr. Opportune Time and/or, of course, Mr. Time and Opportunity. I have crossed over the threshold of literary writings into graphic scripts. Fervently, I began indulging in graphic writings of creative literary works. The results --- a type of graphic creative writing began filling pages of my life’s history in carnal accomplishments. Flashing through the many months and years, I acquired many different title names which added to my resume of carnal activities. Different titles became attached; The Mack, the True Playa, True Womanizer and of course - The Mack King. Those carnal and exotic instincts elevated to a higher level as I attracted those of the opposite sex; beautiful women. Soon, the ladies are lined up like a chorus line and I would indulge in these lovely ladies as the numbers increased.