The Escape

The Extraterrestrial Reptilian Trilogy Book 1

by P.S. Marrow



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/09/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 220
ISBN : 9781796060263

About the Book

Professional Remote Viewer Francie Moreau is an ordinary girl in an ordinary town who locates missing children for Project Merillat. She soon discovers she was viewing more than she bargained for. She relies on her psychic intuition and Spirit Guides to help protect her when she’s accused of remote viewing for a transnational human trafficking ring. This accusation will ultimately push her into another world revealing a different type of monster that’s been among us since the shadows of time.

About the Author

I’m excited to announce my new ‘light’ Sci-Fi trilogy! It will be available in October 2019, just in time for sweaters and cooler reading weather. The Escape, The Threat and The Awakening - The Extraterrestrial Reptilian Trilogy is a thoughtful spirit journey loaded with joy, fear, love, risk and reward for Francie Moreau who’s journey begins as a professional remote viewer. My last two unrelated books, We Are Annora and Worthless (survival short stories for teens), continue to entertain and help readers and I am looking forward to publishing more in the future. Thank you for stopping by. Please leave reviews for me and any other authors. We work hard and like feedback which benefits everyone! Happy Reading, P.S. Marrow