2020 Life Lessons Calendar

by Julie Bajo Yoham Photography

by Julie Bajo Yoham



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/10/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 32
ISBN : 9781796063875

About the Book

2020 Calendar Life Lessons This book is for everyone to be proud of who they are all evolving and going through something daily. When you wake up you feel the beautiful sunshine day and you are ready to go to the next class or job in your destiny right now. Dressed in something wonderful feeling strong and confident in the future which begins right now. You will be amazing and go the extra mile to be a powerful tool for others to follow big time as in kindness, empathy, compassion and being present in the moment for others. I know you will change the world one person at a time just be kind sweet aware present and enthusiastic about the things they care about. I am saying find something to be passionate about and create the beginning of something wonderful powerful and useful for others on our planetary evolution as humans we are all evolving and your inner circle as well. Bring it, do it si se puede !! I chose dancing acting cooking writing my memoirs and loving along the way best of life is to be lived not judged by others be your best self every day and you are in the Universal energy of love and light .Julie Bajo Yoham and juliebajoyohamphotograhy.com

About the Author

She was very happy at home but was bullied during her young years so she focused on enlightenment although she was young. A purpose of her life is to share her lessons with you because we are all evolving and going through something like her stories. She traveled and studied now she wants to share with you what she learned and how you can learn from them as well as help others. The planet Earth is a really incredible experience of human kind to learn and evolve forever forward. There's no going back to yesterday it's all about tomorrow and how we deal with our lives. Knowledge helped her to get through her tough times in life she really believes you have the power inside to shine independent of anything else happening to you on any day. She is a survivor of gun violence many years ago when it wasn't as prevalent everywhere. It happened in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood really was miraculous to survive the night that changed her forever. She became aware of being still and mediated and chanted to be cleansed internally. Learning from hundreds of books that also helped to get through the pain of losing someone to gun violence in 1991. Now married she writes her memoirs and this is a really incredible way to give knowledge in a form encouraging you to write your own stories in the calendar. By the end of the year you can see your life changes and you can be proud of where you are going.