The Squirrels and Lions

How Honest Communication Sealed Their Friendship

by Ben Wuloo Ikari



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/21/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 38
ISBN : 9781664170377

About the Book

This book is about the importance of honesty and trust. It is about strategic and competent communication, which also comes with suspending judgment before the facts. With this kind of communication, which could be ritualized or relatable, the squirrels were able to be friends with the lions. Although the parent squirrels doubted the honesty and sincerity of the lion when he told the little squirrel and her mother that he will not only protect them for the sake of his daughter who wanted to be friends with the little squirrel so bad when they met at her mother’s farm, but he will give them food they can eat for one year. That is, should the squirrels agree to visit the lions’ home as the younger lioness requested. The squirrels were scared, given the lions’ carnivorous history as designed by nature. With the openness of their young daughter, her ability to listen, and the honesty of the younger lion, they killed their fear, opened up to the lions, and visited their home—a gesture that was returned by the lions. The lions kept their promise and stayed honest. Therefore, if these animals could understand the importance/benefit of honesty, trust, and keeping promises, then human beings can do better. We have done better, but we need to do more to become best and succeed in our friendships and relationships as individuals and with governments and corporations, governments to governments, or between nations, etc. Even as we strive to become better and best in our friendships and relationships, we must not be scared or worried about failing in the process or making mistakes. It is all right to make mistakes, so the fear of perfection or imperfection should not deter us from working hard and failing to become best. Like good and bad or success and failure, mistake is part of life. In short, it is said to be the raw material of success, but only if and when we are determined and committed to succeeding—and not make deliberate mistakes that could be dangerous and destructive.

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