The Book Of Light, Hope and Peace

How To Overcome Problems By God Communion In Deep Meditation

by Jeffrey Newport



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/21/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 282
ISBN : 9781669828280

About the Book

The message contained in this book will direct you in how and what kind of spiritual GOD COMMUNION , meditation and study you can do to advance to the point of an AWAKE SPIRITUAL MASTER and beyond. IT is desined for anyone who wants to know the true nature of GOD , the message is for all religions, excluding none , also not holding one , above another. It clearly describeds , the true nature of GOD'S ambasidors, saints and saviors, JESUS, MOHAMED, BUDDHA, just to name a few. The study of this book is the receiving of a major tool that GOD IS PROVIDING YOU NOW, to move out of a stagnant state and into a 100 percent happy state of bliss from GOD / SPIRIT, to be and to use meditation in motion, to AWAKEN , to build a new world for yourself and all on the planet. TODAY IS THE TIME TO JOIN THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION.

About the Author

WE have to much to say about, THE AUTHOR and not ample space to discuss HIS qualifications and calling as a messenger of , TRUTH . Let it suffice to say that , HE has completed many courses and books on the subject dicuessed in the book but for the most part, his ENLIGHTENMENT COMES DIRECTLY FROM GOD. HE always has been passionately seeking a closer walk with GOD/The Universe and now that he has become an ENLIGHTENED MEDITATION MASTER, he has a great passion and ability to share THE MESSAGE with others. For more infomation, check out THE AUTHOR on, The CPV page , at Jeffrey Newport on THE AUTHOR resides next to his parents, across a field, on the edge of A MAGIC FOREST IN THE HILLS OF TENNESSEE. There, HE enjoys GOD COMMUNION under a shade tree by day and the stars by night.