Online Interview


The rise of technology has paved the road for more and more ways of accessing content, including streaming radio through satellite and mobile devices. Xlibris UK lets you take advantage of this advancement by getting on the radio through our Online Interview service. Let your voice be heard by telling others about your book on the air.

Service Inclusions:

  • Recording of a 10- to 15-minute online radio interview completed over the phone
  • Your interview aired on one spot of the weekly radio station, AuthorVoices On Air – Eurafrica
    • AuthorVoices On Air – Eurafrica airs Sundays at 2-3 AM Eastern (7-8 AM UK time)
  • Show is syndicated via iTunes, GooglePlay (TogiNet Radio), and, and the interview is digitally retrievable for use on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • A digital copy of the radio interview for use in all of your marketing activities with unlimited rights to burn, distribute, play during speaking engagements, or post on your website, blog, e-mail or future promotions
  • Pre-show questionnaire and pre-show conversation with host Rick Bell to cover topics

If you’ve never been interviewed on radio before, don’t worry. Rick Bell will help ease your nerves through a pre-interview “warm-up” chat. Also, to ensure your comfort, you will have the option to decide what topics and questions will be included in the interview.

About the Host:

Rick Bell is an accomplished on-air radio personality with over 20 years of experience.

As a voice actor, he has written and produced jingles, commercials and PSAs for a variety of broadcasting entities, including BBC Scotland, EHBS Radio, Sounds in Motion Studios and the Mayfield Radio Group.

Among his projects within the industry, he also has experience in Field Reporting, show production and management, and interview assignments for the BBC.

Rick’s widely popular, high energy music show, featuring music from the 50s, 60s and 70s, is heard on Radio West Fife Radio.

Currently, Rick produces his show content and other projects from his studios on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland, and is available for interviewer assignments in his time zone, which includes Great Britain and South Africa.

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Disclaimer: Prices listed do not include applicable taxes (such as sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax), which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Prices listed do include the copies of the book; the cost of shipping and handling will be calculated and charged after your book is made available for sale.