by Piers Anthony



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 4/12/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 534
ISBN : 9781401033477

About the Book

Mute is science fantasy of mutation and psi: special mental powers. The protagonist, Knot, is a double mutant: he has a physical deformity, and the psi power to make others forget him. He´s satisfied with his life--until the lovely Finesse walks into his life to recruit him for a dangerous galactic mission. She is aided by two small animal mutants: a telepathic weasel and a clairvoyant crab. Knot tries to resist, aided by his psi, but the woman´s beauty and the animals´ powers doom him to a phenomenal adventure. The prior edition was cut; this is the complete version.

About the Author

Piers Anthony is the author of more than a hundred published books of science fiction, fantasy, martial arts, history, and nonfiction. He is best known for his popular Xanth fantasy series.