by Gypsy Quill



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/01/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 438
ISBN : 9781514422991
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 438
ISBN : 9781514422984

About the Book


—Aaron worries his daddy is not alive because of something he saw happen to him!!

—A spirit Journey leads Monet and Aaron to—Canyon Country where Aaron is eventually healed. The ancient and sacred spirit of the Eagle protects them in the Sonora Desert!

—Poe continues to research and reveal a part of history, that history left out! Lieutenant Ives’ narration of-- the first exploration--of the Colorado River and The Grand Canyon by
a U.S. citizen, ‘The Ives Expedition’—1857-58.When war breaks out between Indians and
U.S. Troops!

—Poe found his diary, that was stowed away, and let Counselor read it. A story he called
“HELL” revealing what it was like in prison!

About the Author

—Part II of “Th e Canyon’s Shadow” trilogy.

Travel the world with Gypsy Quill.

Readers enjoy, and are intrigued by, Gypsy Quill’s hybrid voice. He grabs the reading audience right away. Th e author paints pictures for you as he writes. He has a gift for conveying the depth of the characters and drawing YOU into the story. His words are so beautifully inlaid with passion and such strong messages it is easy to get hooked!

EYES of the RAPTOR’ is part two of the author’s new trilogy! FOR THE BEST OF PERSONAL MEMOIRS Book author Gypsy Quill, known for his unique true stories, guarantees to fill
your appetite with THIS AND EVERY ONE OF HIS BOOKS. He has been writing since early childhood and lets his journey through life speak for itself in his stories. An award winning writer, his talent comes in many forms. Th is attribute of versatility shines in his polished storytelling. He has been a journalist, was inducted into the International Society of Poets and has written and published numerous books internationally. Most notably and most recently—part one of this trilogy—‘THE CANYON’S SHADOW’—which is listed on Amazon.com, Xlibris.com, Barnes & Nobles.com, and Googlebooks.com. To read inside of
part one for free visit WWW.GYPSYQUILL.COM / VIA GOOGLE SEARCH. Or if you just want more information on this storybook author, the aforementioned website is the place to be. You may also follow him on Facebook.com.