Discover the Key to the Moorish Questionary

A Study Guide for All Moorish Americans

by Brother Eric Mungin Bey



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Publication Date : 30/05/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 73
ISBN : 9781441525581

About the Book

This work was inspired by the Prophet’s teachings from the Holy Koran. Chapter XII Jesus teaches the common people at a spring tells them how to obtain eternal happiness. (The Truth) With this lesson we must learn through silence, the way to the hidden treasures of the truth lies within the human heart. (mind) The Holy Prophet teachings are for unlimited capacities for progress. In all the world there are two things: The one is truth, the other is false - hood. In searching for information that is written or not, one must first Proclaim, Practice, and Preserve Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. P is the 16 letter in which the total is 7 the symbol of Spirituality. Noble Drew Ali has risen out of the waters uplifting humanity from drowning or drifting away from the cares of the world, and placing her on a solid rock of salvation. Saving her and her seeds of civilization so that she may teach her sons and daughters to Love instead of hate. He said: “I am the Question and the Answer.” So therefore in order to receive an answer we must ask questions. And be very mindful, of what we learned from them. These lessons is for the intent of finding the truth, and at times look into its hidden meaning. From the thoughts of the Hidden Chamber Peace and Love, Brother Eric Mungin Bey

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